Fining Committee

Fining Committee

The Fining Committee evaluates which actions need to be taken when residents do not respond to violation notices. In some cases, this could be an email of a personal conversation, while in other cases, it may be to send out a fine. 

Yes, since members of this committee are your neighbors, and we have the same experiences as you living in the same neighborhood, we try to settle violations amicably before reaching for a fine as a method of last resort. 

Please note that the fining committee does not respond to inquiries or protests about assessed fines. In these cases, please contact GRS Management for case history and follow-up. If your inquiry or protest is accepted, GRS Management will notify the committee and the HOA Board.

Please keep in mind that all committees are made up out of our neigbors, who graciously donate their time to make our community better. If you feel that you can help make things better, we'd love to hear from you! Or, even better, we'd love for you to join one of our committees so you can have a direct impact!

Contact the Fining Committee

We will not respond to inquiries from non-residents.