Bent Creek Committees

While we are a small community of only 99 homes, we are proud and happy to have a lot of people involved in making the community a better place to live for all of us.

If you decide to contact one of the committees, please keep in mind that all committees are made up out of our neigbors, who graciously donate their time to make our community better. If you feel that you can help make things better, we'd love to hear from you! Or, even better, we'd love for you to join one of our committees so you can have a direct impact!

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions about committees at Bent Creek, scroll down this page.


The landscaping committee concerns itself with the landscaping across the community, and interacts directly with the landscaping company.


The fining committee keeps track of violations, evaluates their severity and recommends actions when necessary.


The Technology Committee handles anything related to technology, often working closely with other committees where necessary.


The Sunshine committee plans events inside our community, like Haloween or Holiday parties.


This ad-hoc committee gathers when a something in our community gets improved, upgraded or made prettier.


The Security committee assesses and addresses issues with the gates, cameras and security company.


The Welcoming Committee meets with new residents to answer questions and inform them of the Bent Creek rules and guidelines.

Bent Creek Committee FAQ

What is a commitee?
A committee is formed by a group of neighbors with an interest or specialty in a certain subject. The HOA Board relies on the committee to provide advise, opinions and direction to improve a specific area within Bent Creek. Do you like gardening and feel that the landscaping company can do better? Do you create websites and feel that this site can be improved? Do you feel that fines are too harsh and too easily handed out? Join a committee and have a impact on the community!

You do not need to be a professional in the field to be a committee member: If you have an interest and wanto your ideas to be heard (and possibly even implemented), joining a committee may be the right thing to do!

Why do we use committees?
The HOA board consists of a small group of your neighbors that need to make decisions on everything involving the community. Your HOA Board is a group of your neighbors, donating their time to keep the community going. But these neighbors are not 'specialists' in everything that is going on or needs to be done inside a community.

Our neighbors join one of our committees because they feel they can contribute to something they like, something they have expertise in, or something that they are bothered about.

What is the role of a committee, and how does it relate to the board?
The committees serve a vital role to advise the board on directions, complaints and solutions. It allows the HOA board to be more effective, and more in-tune with the rest of the community. 

What is the time commitment when joining?
Compared to a Board Member role, the time commitment can be much less, depending of the level of involvement you choose. You earn the gratitude of fellow committee members, as well as that of your neighbors, in addition to seeing the results of your input. You can join when you want, and leave when you want!

Who can join a committee?
Anyone can! There is no 'one person per household'-rule, there are no rules regarding eligibility (besides being a resident of the community).

Can I join more than one committee?

What type of committees are there?
There are permanent and temporary committees. Most committees are permanent, like the landscaping committee, the fining committee or the architectural committee. Some committees are created for a specific purpose or project, and are disbanded when the project is complete.

Why should I not just run for the board?
Good question, and you should if you can commit to the time! :-)  As a board member you will have more, and broader, responsibilities towards the community. It will take a larger commitment in time, and has higher expectations than being a member of a committee..