Thursday, June 17, 2021 #Landscaping

Hi Neighbors!

The landscaping committee has been dealing with numerous issues, including the new landscaping company, BrightView, trying to get them familiar with the community.

We gave notice to Top Cut in January, a (60) days notice because around 65% of the homeowners were complaining about sub-standard service. Brightview started in March of this year. 

We requested and received approval from the board to replace dead sod on the round-about, annuals for color up front, replacing and installing a new tree in the Pool areas and then the irrigation pump broke, the seal had to be replaced to the tune of $1,196.00 and without the irrigation all the plantings died, along with some of the new sod. I was able to get Brightview to re-install the planting for free.. Then the valve cap for irrigation had to be replaced, $1,200.00, ie; Low water level from the lack of rain, sucking up more debris because of this from the pond, no irrigation again, plants and the sod suffered.

We have a requests from the homeowners on the North boarder of the community, requesting a privacy hedge, the estimates that we have received so far are coming in around $8,000.00

We have had to deal with Tampering of the Clock controller for the irrigation, I secured it to lock. The board is looking into securing the entire equipment, pump and clock controller soon.

We asked that the canal gate on the SW side of the community be repaired, the broken hinges welded, which was completed earlier today. We requested Brightview to lock this gate after each grass mowing.

Its been an ongoing process to implement the new homeowners portals, so that each homeowner can communicate directly with the contractor. Most complaints are coming in through Facebook still and they have to be channelled over to the landscaping committee and addressed.

See for more information on how to set up your account.

The board has been very supportive of the Needs of the Landscaping Committee to get things running like a fine tuned machine.

Thank you all for your patience in this transformative period, we can do this, have a blessed weekend and pray for some rain!

Bent Creek Landscaping Committee